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July 30, 2011


Feedburner Form WordPress Plugin: Easily Add Feedburner Subscription Form In your Widgets

Feedburner is no doubt a very good free service by Google but it has some limitations which I’ll discuss later. Also there are many other premium services which are much better than Feedburner. So how to add a cool Feedburner subscription form in your WordPress widgetized areas like your WordPress sidebar and WordPress footer.

Feedburner Subscription Form

No doubt you get a code from Feedburner which just needs to be copied and pasted in a WordPress text widget and you get a Feedburner subscription form. But this form does not look so great. Quite boring. But to have a good looking subscription form needs a little designing hand. With the plugin I’m going to discuss you don’t need to copy any code and paste it down in a text widget, you don’t need to design the form. Its comes with both the things.

Feedburner Form needs username of your feedburner feed to display the subscription form. Further more it can also display the subscribers counter and also have options to customize the look.

Feedburner Form

This screenshot is taken from this plugin’s page.

Download the Plugin

If you know about any other cool Feedburner subscription form displaying plugin then please do share it with us, also see our list of complete useful plugins.

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  1. Jim R
    Aug 5 2011

    Can this also be implemented on other blog platforms, like blogger and others?

    • Aug 8 2011

      No Jim, Its a widget for WordPress platform. But now you can easily add similar form from blogger gadgets. Feedburner also gives an html code which can be inserted in any platform to get the form, but it would be simple and there will be no cool designs.

  2. Aug 18 2011

    Thanks for write about. I also want ask to people rate it. I see a lot of downloads a day, but no ratings at all lol

    • Aug 19 2011

      Welcome Diana. Very few people like to rate a wp plugin. You can see that even the popular plugins like “Google XML sitemap” gets ratings from 4 people out of each 1000 downloads (in other words only 0.04% people rate a plugin).

      Google XML All Time Downloads: 5,748,941
      Number of users that rated Google XML: 2564

      (2564 / 5748941) * 100% = 0.044599518%

      For Google XML Stats source click here.

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