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September 24, 2011


Hide Tagged Photos In Facebook

Hide Tagged Photos FacebookThis article will teach you how you can hide tagged photos on your wall from your friends. Sometimes friends (or so called friends) tag photos that you don’t want your other friends to see. So in order to hide your tagged photos from friends in Facebook you need to configure some settings. Here is a brief tutorial which will teach you how you can hide these photos from friends.

Step 1: Click on the down arrow on the top right corner of Facebook.

Hide Taggged Photos Facebook

Step 2: Click on Privacy Settings.

Step 3: Click on Edit Settings in front of How Tags Work.

Hide Tagged Photos Facebook

Step 4: Here you got lots of options through which you can set the visibility of tagged photos on Facebook. Click on the menu in front of “Maximum Timeline Visibility” and click on “Custom”.  Note: If you see Maximum Profile Visibility rather than Maximum Timeline Visibility then it means your Timeline feature is not activated. But the procedure for both of them is the same so go on and click “Custom”.

Hide Tagged Photos Facebook

Step 5: Set “These People or Lists” to “Only Me”. Done!

Hide Tagged Photos Facebook

Now whenever your friends tag a photo of yours it would not appear on your timeline. And your other friends will not be able to see it. In this way your can hide tagged photos and posts on Facebook.

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  1. Gastón
    Oct 23 2011

    Thanks, I was looking for this and everyone said that’s not possible on new facebook.

  2. Jason M
    Oct 27 2011

    I did this, and while it does seem to hide the photos, now people can’t write on my wall. Any suggestions?

    • Oct 28 2011

      Privacy Settings > How You Connect

      Here change the value of “Who can post on your timeline?” according to your need.

    • AGH
      Dec 1 2011

      I had the same problem as Jason, and followed your next advice. It still seems to block people from being able to post on my wall or comment on anything that I post myself. That doesn’t seem right, does it?

    • Dec 2 2011

      I’ve just tested out and my friend was able to post on my timeline. Have you upgraded to the new Facebook Timeline?

    • Van
      Dec 30 2011

      I had a similar problem. I adjusted the settings as you suggested and it had removed the ability for people to post on my wall.
      Afterwards, when I tried changing the settings back however people are still not able to post on my wall. Any idea why this is?

  3. tom
    Nov 1 2011

    How do I block people from seeing my “info” tab on facebook?

  4. SarahBab
    Nov 2 2011

    i just want to hide my tagged photos to everyone apart from from my boyfriend? i did what was above but my wall could not be seen by some people, and could be seen by others?!? very confused. where is this post on your timeline section? thank you,

    • Nov 4 2011

      I’ve already answered about the same issue in one of the comments above. Here I’m going to paste that reply again:

      Click on down arrow on the top-right corner of the Facebook. Then click on Privacy Settings, after that click on “How You Connect”.

      Here change the value of “Who can post on your timeline?” according to your need.

  5. tiffaannniiii
    Nov 7 2011

    hey, i did this, but my photos still apear on my facebook, any advice?

    • Nov 7 2011

      Did you view your profile “as a friend”?

  6. Tom
    Nov 8 2011

    Thanks for the post, however I do not know if I am doing it correct, the only thing that I want is just to prevent anyone viewing my page to see the photos i am tagged in by others, that is it, i still want others to see tagged posts along with everything else, just not other peoples photos that i am tagged in. Thank you

    • Nov 9 2011

      Hm. It seems currently there is no option for what you want to achieve. There is an alternate (but hectic) way of doing so. Try using “Timeline Review” feature in step 4.

  7. KT
    Nov 8 2011

    How do I hide my tagged photos but NOT my tagged posts and check-ins?

    • Nov 9 2011

      (Reply Repeated) Hm. It seems currently there is no option for what you want to achieve. There is an alternate (but hectic) way of doing so. Try using “Timeline Review” feature in step 4.

    • Bobby
      Dec 18 2011

      If you wanted to do this how would you? Is there anyway to basically set it so going forward you can allow people to tag you in posts but then you can still hide your photos?

  8. Megha
    Nov 12 2011

    Hi. I tried to do exactly what u suggested but i dont get the ‘Maximum timeline visibility’ option under ‘how tags work’. Any suggestions to help me prevent friends seeing my tagged photos..? please help.

    • Nov 12 2011

      If you haven’t activated your Timeline Feature then you will see “Maximum Profile Visibility” instead of “Maximum Timeline Visibility”. Next steps are same for both of them.

  9. Jose
    Nov 14 2011

    Thanks it was really helpfull

    • Nov 14 2011

      I’m glad you find it useful :)

  10. terry
    Nov 16 2011

    hi there,i try your solution but it seem to hide everything.i just want to hide my tagged photos and video.can i achieve that?

    • Nov 16 2011

      By everything you mean posts you are tagged in? Currently there is no way to hide tagged images only. Posts will also go invisible.

  11. Nicola
    Nov 22 2011

    This seems ridiculous that you have to hide EVERYTHING and you can’t just hide photos you are tagged in. This never used to be the case? All i want to do is hide photos i am tagged in and videos-why is there not a simple button to click in the privacy settings that gives us this option?

    • Nov 22 2011

      Agreed. Each time they update Facebook, they completely change the options and the users keep wandering around the web searching for Facebook tutorials.

  12. K
    Nov 29 2011

    bless you! finally i can get rid of that annoying photo thing on top of the profile. i don’t care if the tagged posts are hidden as well, it’s an advantage to me. thank you so much! TT-TT

    • Nov 29 2011

      Thanks for the comment K.

  13. baura
    Dec 24 2011

    I just want my photos tagged. not my posts. dammit facebook.

  14. ysang
    Dec 25 2011

    posts of friends that you were tagged in.and how to hide it from other friends?
    please, help :) thanks. i’ve been looking all over the privacy settings but i dnt know where exactly is it.

  15. millanezyo13
    Dec 26 2011

    Hello, I was wondering, is there an option which hides tagged photos from my timeline, but keeps them in my ‘Photos’ section? I want that my friends can see the photos I’m tagged in in the ‘Photos’ section, but not on my timeline. (and I hope that there is another way instead of clicking ‘hide from timeline’ on every tagged photo, one by one)

    • adoni82
      Oct 23 2012

      I also have this problem, have you managed and how?

  16. Jamie
    Dec 27 2011

    Thanks for the info. Do you know how to hide the photo from your timeline, but still keep yourself tagged in the photo? Every time I click on “Hide from timeline” on a photo I’m tagged in, it untags me so in my “Photos of You” the picture goes away.

    • adoni82
      Oct 23 2012

      Hello, I also have the same problem, have you managed and how?

  17. heman
    Jan 9 2012

    Gr8 post dude.. I was looking all over… but final i found this article.. good work and Thank you.. ;)

  18. Mercedy
    Jan 17 2012

    When I go into how tag works then edit I only get ” Profile Review controls whether you have to manually approve posts you’re tagged in before they go on your profile. When you have a post to review, the Profile Review tab will appear on your”

  19. io
    Feb 1 2012

    I want to hide photos tagged with me but not posts tagged with me such as status updates. The above privacy setting hides all tags, including posts.
    Do you know how to hide just the tagged photos?

  20. Shayna
    Feb 5 2012

    I did this and all my friends can still see my tagged photos, i do not understand

  21. aria
    Feb 5 2012

    If I activate the timeline maximum visibility on “only me”, does it mean that if I am also tagged in check-ins people can see it? I mean, does the protection count just for tagged photos? because I left the option of allowing people to check-in me, because I want them to but also I don’t want people to be able to see that those friends have checked me in. I hope I am clear about what I am trying to say. Thanks!

  22. Maria
    Feb 7 2012

    Thanks.. it was helpful

  23. Nazzy
    May 26 2012

    Thank you so much. Though it was impossible to get rid of tagged photos from what the other sites were telling me. And its so easy, duh. :)

  24. Tania
    Jun 5 2012

    how do i hide only my tagged pictures and not my posts on facebook timeline???

    • Jun 6 2012

      Hi Tania,

      Read once again through the post. It describes exactly what you want to achieve. You are not hiding the posts just the tagged photos.

      Change to FB policy made separatelly hiding photos or videos only no longer possible (for now at least) … with some pressure from users this might change …. but i think FB went to big to hear what their users have to say.

  25. Stefany
    Jun 12 2012

    I am having the same issue as Tania and read through the posts again, yet I am still confused. I want to hide the photos so it doesn’t say “Photos (1,024)” and so that no one can see tagged photos. But if a friend tags me in a status…I want THAT to appear on my profile. Is there a way to do this? It seemed that in an earlier comment you said there wasn’t a way to accomplish this, yet in your reply to Tania it seems like there IS a way to hide only tagged photos not posts.

    Your posts are otherwise hugely helpful so I want to make sure I have it completely clear. Thanks!

    • Jun 15 2012


      You are right. They changed the policy. You can no longer hide only images or videos. You either hide everything (posts included) or nothing. FB is playing on us

  26. vrinda
    Jun 15 2012

    thanxx a ton …it ws rly helpful!!

  27. vrinda
    Jun 15 2012

    i also want to know how can i hide all my photos on facebook from a friend

  28. Jun 16 2012

    hey i am trying to look for this everywhere but unfortunately that feature is no longer available.
    from how tags work now is ” timeline and tagging”
    please help .. i cant even delete some of the tag pictures or the tag so im am really concerned .

    thank you
    instead of

  29. dheks
    Jun 25 2012

    thank you it helped meeee

  30. rani
    Jun 26 2012

    thank you ! it was useful.

  31. Ben
    Jul 6 2012

    Worked perfectly. Great directions. Thanks

  32. trish
    Jul 20 2012

    im on timeline but there’s no MAXIMUM TIMELINE VISIBILITY

  33. emma
    Aug 18 2012

    I was tag by my friend but my friends could not see the picture even if the settings is visible for all my friends. I tried to share but it doesnt show up in their wall either. Please help!!

  34. Aug 22 2012

    i try to do that, but in my privacy settings the how tags work doesn’t appear. what can i do?

  35. apl
    Aug 26 2012

    the new facebook doesn’t have the “How Tags Work” option i can only see “Timeline and tagging” can i still hide my tagged photos??

  36. allan
    Oct 19 2012


  37. Nic
    Oct 20 2012

    how do you do it now with all the new facebook changes???

  38. adoni82
    Oct 23 2012

    Is there an option which hides tagged photos from my timeline, but keeps them in my ‘Photos’ section?


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