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December 27, 2011

How To Remove Annoying Ads In Android

This article will teach you how you can remove annoying ads in your android device. There are different methods for rooted devices and un-rooted devices.

If your device is using the rooted android then you can easily get rid of ads by just installing apps but if it is un-rooted then things are not as simple.

What is a rooted android? Android is Linux based. Linux has a super user account called “root”. A rooted android phone is one where you have the root privileges on the phone and un-rooted android phone is one where you don’t have.

remove android ads

Before you start you should know something what you are going to do. If you are in hurry then you can skip that paragraph, you wouldn’t miss any part of tutorial. Ads help the app developers generate revenue. Whenever you click on an ad, some money is given to the app developer. This helps the app developer survive in this cold world, continue support for that app and make new apps. So removing ads from the apps is a little unjust in the sense that app developer loses revenue. One or two ads are good enough but when the things start getting annoying then you should take this step.

AdFree is an awesome app and it do for what it is developed for. Very good rating in the app store and very efficient in removing ads. Installation and customization is quite easy. Not going into the technical details. You much install HOSTS file once you have installed AdFree. and then restart device. You can set the app on autoupdate so it will keep it self updated. It can also block ads from your Android browser. Your device must be rooted for AdFree to work properly.

remove android ads

AdAway can also remove ads from your apps. It also works on rooted devices only. Install the app and update it by clicking Download files and apply ad blocking. You can manually add domain and after this you have to restart your device. For each customization you have to restart the device like AdFree. Before removing this app make sure that you unblock all the ads other wise the ads will remain blocked.

removing ad android

Well this is how you can remove annoying ads from your rooted android smartphone. Life is easy if you have rooted android. In case of unrooted android it’s very hard to block ads. But we will still try our best to block some of the ads.

We will be using browser filters to try to achieve this. This technique works well on Mozilla Firefox and Opera. On Firefox you need to install an add-on “Adblock Plus” and you are done. In Opera its a bit complicated. You need to create a file “urlfilter.ini” on your SD card or in Opera folder. Then add domains to this file. Where to get domain? Google them. Now once you have added the domains open Opera and in the address bar type opera:config and hit enter. Here search for “URL filter”. A bar will ask to you to locate the filter’s file. Click browser and go to urlfilter.ini. Now reboot android. Done.

This is how you can remove the annoying unsolicited ads in android. If you have rooted android smartphone then you are lucky but if you got un-rooted then things are little out of control.

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