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June 24, 2011


Make Multiple Twitter Accounts With One Gmail Account

Multiple Twitter Accounts

This post will discuss an interesting trick of making multiple Twitter accounts with one Gmail Account. Few days back I posted a Gmail trick. Before we continue make sure that you have read that post.

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In that post I said that all the below Gmail addresses will deliver email to only one person.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Now the trick is that you can make different accounts on Twitter using any of these email addresses. Gmail treats the above email addresses as one email address but Twitter does not. Cool? Really cool …


With this trick you can have endless multiple twitter accounts by using only one Gmail account. You may be wondering how is it possible if we can use dots (.) only in between the email addresses. Well this is wrong. You can use it even at the end of the email address and at the start of the email address and can have any amount of dots. For example the blow email addresses will be treated as one ID in Gmail. You can test this by sending an email to your self:

..................................................[email protected]
[email protected]..................................................

Each new dot makes the ID different for Twitter but not for Gmail. See by using this simple technique you can have multiple Twitter accounts by using only ONE Gmail ID.

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  1. Ashwin kumar
    Jun 30 2011

    Hello india in today I’m persuing a school student and ps game i love chatting on pc with the blog of twitter

  2. Jul 4 2011

    Wow I knew you could use dots but thought you were limited to just having it between letters. Now this is truly infinite, thanks for the great tip!

    • Jul 5 2011

      Thanks for the comment Diana. That trick is really awesome :)

  3. Dec 17 2011

    hi my name is sonam verma and i am stduent ip collige from b c a.

  4. Akhilesh
    Feb 10 2013

    You provide all information which i was searching from last one hour and finally, i got what i want.
    Thanks for posting it!


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