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February 12, 2012

See The Batman Logo On Google Maps

Love Batman? Love Google Maps too. There is a huge Batman sign somewhere on a planet called Earth. Using Google Maps you can search this planet and find out how it looks like when seen from a satellite. 24 hours will be enough for this. See you tomorrow. Good Night.

… ?

Earth is too big? Well if you are lazy enough then open Google Maps, switch to satellite mode and try this in search box:

26.357865, 127.783782

Zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom in.

Now you are actually looking at the rooftop of an office building at Kadena Air Base. This actually marks the home of the Air Force’s 44th Fighter Squadron named Vampire Bats. Exact date of painting of this Bat is unknown however it is believed that it would have been around 1980s. Pilots where able to see this mark from the top however after Google Maps now everyone can enjoy it while sitting in home.

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