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September 18, 2011

Tomboy: Best Note Taking App For Ubuntu Linux

Note taking is a quite handy feature for a regular computer user, especially for those who spend a lot of time on the web. One click saving of important points makes it easy to remember things when you next time log in to your computer. There are many note taking apps for Ubuntu but I’ve found this app much more useful then any other app.

You must be thinking that there are many note taking extensions for most of the popular web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. As a web user you can also use those extensions but I personally didn’t find those extensions reliable. Some of them fails when you are out of Internet connection. But if you are comfortable with those apps then you should go with them.

To Install Tomboy Notes open Ubuntu Software Center and type “Tomboy” in the search bar. From the list click on Tomboy Notes “Details” or directly click the Install button.

Once you have installed it you can see its icon in the panel.

Clicking on it will drop down a menu with the options of creating a new note, searching already written notes, latest notes used , etc.

Clicking the Search All Notes opens all the notes you have written so far with a search bar over the top.

Just search with any word you think you have written in that particular note.

Clicking on “Create a new note” will open the below window. The blue one is the note title and below written text in black is the note description. Tomboy will save as you type. If you click on the close button of the window then it does not mean that you have not saved the note. To delete a note you have to click the “No Symbol” (that red one).

In the preferences window you can enable a number of options. Highlight WikiWords means that if a phrase or a word is written in the note and there is another note that have the word or the phrase as a title then that word (phrase) will become link to that note. You can also change the font from here.

In the hotkeys section you can set the hot keys for various functions.

Synchronization¬†feature lets you sync you notes with Ubuntu’s Ubuntu One cloud feature.

Add-ins lets you add more features to your Tomboy notes. If you feel that these add-ins are not sufficient then you can click on the link “Get More Add-Ins” to get more add-ins. I’ve installed any add-in because I didn’t feel any deficiency in the basic functions.

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